HypnoTherapy / Hypnosis

Imagine Taking Control of Your Life

HypnoTherapy is a very useful technique, used as a stand-alone therapy or alongsideĀ counselling. As with counselling, or anything requiring action, hypnosis is most effective for people ready to put in the effort for real change.

My HypnoTherapy practice also incorporates brain entrainment (light and sound meditation mind machines) which are used to enhance relaxation and focus during sessions. This is the best way to get the most benefit from each session. This "machine" may sound intimidating, but it is simply a pair of sunglasses and headphones that produce extra stimuli during the HypnoTherapy experience. More information is available at mindplace.com. HypnoTherapy is also offered without brain entrainment therapy.

Hypnosis is offered to:
-teens (14+ years)

Some common reasons to use hypnosis include:
-stress relief
-confidence (self-esteem, sports visualization)
-goal success (building new positive habits)
-habit modification (nail biting, hair pulling, skin picking)
-sleep improvement
-thought/behaviour change (releasing negative patterns/fears)
-stop smoking
-weight management